What is the best way to add on a personal loan if the company doesn't populate on the search?


Trying to add a personal loan with sofi and unsure the best way to do so. part of the options is contradicting and i want to make sure i link it properly.


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    I could not SoFi in the FIDIR list (Financial Institutions Directory) which tells Quicken which FIs support Quicken, with which connection methods and for which types of accounts.

    This means that SoFi does not support Quicken and you will not be able to connect your SoFi loan account in Quicken.

    You may, instead, set up a manual loan in Quicken by going to Add Account > Offline Accounts > Loan and follow the prompts to set up the loan in Quicken.

    You will be prompted during the Loan set up process to create a Loan Reminder which you can then enter into the Loan register and Payment Account register prior to the loan payment actually being made. Then when the loan payment downloads into the payment account register it should match with the reminder.

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