Quicken Doesn't Support 529 Plans

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I just spent an hour with Quicken help troubleshooting why transactions from a 529 plan were not downloading, only to find out Quicken no longer supports those types of accounts. There are 45 accounts that you can add in Quicken with "529" in the name. This is absolutely unbelievable.


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    Are you saying that you have one or more 529 Plans in your file, that in the past you were able to download transactions into those Accounts but suddenly you're not able to do that, and that somebody at Quicken said to you, in effect, "We used to support downloads into Accounts for 529 Plans, but decided to no longer do so."?

    As far as I know Quicken (the company) would like to be able to connect with every single account associated with every single financial institution in the US in order to make their product as attractive as possible to potential users. But, again as far as I know, it's the individual financial institutions themselves that make the decision to allow account transactions to be downloaded into Quicken. Quicken might want to be able to download from XYZ Bank, but XYZ Bank has the final say in the matter. Too, from the standpoint of the possible transactions that might occur in a 529 Plan account - deposits, buys, sells, dividends, withdrawals, etc. - a 529 Plan account "looks like" almost any other financial account in the world, (Brokerage, IRA, 401(k), etc.), and requires absolutely no special handling or special program coding on the part of the Quicken program.

    Given all that, I'm pretty sure that Quicken didn't suddenly decide that if an account at a financial institution had "529" in its name that Quicken wasn't going to allow downloads from that account.

    I have Vanguard brokerage accounts, IRA accounts and a 529 Plan account. I've always been able to download transactions from the brokerage accounts and IRA accounts, I've never been able to do that with the 529 account. That's because VANGUARD doesn't allow downloads from that account, it's not Quicken's decision to make. At the Vanguard site, if I pull up the page that allows you to download transactions in a Quicken format, the 529 Plan simply isn't included there.

    What financial institution(s) are you dealing with here?

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    what financial 529 plan ?
    what version … Help —> About Quicken

    It is totally up to each and every financial institution to contract with Quicken for downloading features

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