Not sure if there's a way to report bugs but here's a display issue that looks wonky

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Not sure if there's a way to report bugs but here's a display issue that looks wonky when adding an account with security questions


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    Yes, you can submit bug reports in Quicken from the Help menu: select Report a Problem. type sa description of the problem, and include a screenshot like you did here.

    You will not receive any response from Quicken —± no acknowledgement, feedback or follow-up — so it feels like sending your bug into a black hole. But if the support staff on the receiving end can validate/replicate your submission, they then enter it into their internal bug database for the developers. After that, who knows? Some issues are fixed quickly (within a release or two); some take a year or years until suddenly they get get addressed; some linger indefinitely.

    One suggestion: when you submit a bug report like this, try to include any pertinent information which could help the Quicken representative to replicate the problem. In this case, because it involves a financial institution, be sure to include the name of the financial institution.

    Last: it's not clear to me, but in this case, the question with the typo is originating with the bank, not with Quicken. The problem is that the bank and Quicken are using two different character sets, so the apostrophe in "grandmother's" is appearing as an HTML code instead of an apostrophe. Complicating the ability to get this resolved, connectivity with financial institutions is handled by a third party, Intuit — so in this case Quicken would likely need to document this issue and send it over to Intuit to resolve, or to work with the bank to resolve. Thus it's important to note the name of the financial institution and your connection method (e.g. Quicken Connect) in your bug report.

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