The "description" column in a report

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When creating a report, I select all the columns to be displayed for my report. One of the column options is call "Description".

Seems to me that this is just the "Payee". The column label should be shows as "Payee" and not "Description" in the"Customized Itemized Categories" window.

I attempted to load the report "Customized Itemized Categories" selection window but it would not allow me to update the image.

You can get to this window by opening a report and selecting the grear-icon "Customize Report" button.


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    Reports that show transactions can include transactions from both banking and investment accounts.

    Banking transactions include a Payee, but many investing transactions do not.

    Investing transactions have a Description field whose contents vary depending on the type of transaction.

    It may be confusing, but the Description column in reports holds the Payee for banking transactions and the Description field for investing transactions. I think there should be only one column for that information and "Description" is a better title than "Payee"

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    Thank you, Jim_Harman.

    Your explanation makes sense. I do not have any investing transactions in Quicken and that is why I had not seen the Description field before.

    Thank you for the clarification.

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