When will the Discover Bank issue be resolved


It's been at least 5 month and you still don't have a date. The download does update the current balance and once a month downloads all the statements transactions which can lead to a real mess if you are trying to balance account and manually add the missing transactions. I have found that if you only clear without reconciling the months download and reconciliation doesn't cause as much of an issue. Just need to make sure you only balance against items in the statement and delete the adjustment amount. Still not very acurate!!

The Discover savings works fine.


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    I would love to know the answer to this question as well.

    I decided to create a copy of my program to clean up a few things that were a problem in my original file. With the copy I could reconnect everything EXCEPT Discover Bank and Discover Card. It will not let me reconnect and it immediately goes to an error screen. Oddly enough when I go to my original file everything is working fine with the same accounts. The only thing I can find related to this is below, [Removed - Rant]. Does anyone else have any valuable info on when this problem should be fixed?

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