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I'm trying to reconcile an investment account. All of my Reinvdiv transactions are showing up as zero in the recon window, however they all have values in the register. Why is this?


  • Mark1104
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    you are reconciling CASH.

    when you have a ReinDIV transaction, it's really two transactions together: first you are receiving a dividend in CASH. but then you are turning around literally a nano-second later and investing that cash by buying the security. Hence the cash inpact is zero!

    when you state they ''have values in the register', can you please clarify what you mean? there will be a divident amt and an investment, but the impact on the cash column should be zero.

  • Havanahooligan

    Downloaded transactions only come over as the reinvestment with shares bought. There is no cash transaction downloaded.

    So it sounds like i have to manually add a cash transaction to capture the dividend value.

  • NotACPA
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    NO. The ReinvDiv txn captures the dividend value. Run a Tax report and see for yourself

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