Variable rate mortgage editing problems

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When I try to update the interest rate for my variable rate mortgage, 3 things happen that should not.

1- I use dd/mm/yy on my PC and in Quicken but the list of interest rates showing in quicken is mm/dd/yy (as used by the U.S.). But when I enter a change to the interest rate in the pop up edit box, I enter it in my format and then the list reflects it in the U.S. format.

2- Quicken will not let me enter the payment amount I want to. RBC has allowed me to just pay the interest so I want to enter that amount. Quicken says it is too little to cover the interest. I have to then manually change each entry. Not a big deal. Just wish it would let me enter an amount that appears to Quicken as less than the interest due that month.

3- Some random interest rate changes appear in my list of rates which I don't think I created. Quicken seems to have reverted back to the rate from January 2023. Extra entries in the list in April and in July 2023 that override the change in January 2023. These entries are not editable. No option to delete or edit them. I got rid them by creating a new entry that has the same date as these 2 entries and was able to clear them up.

It's really a bit of a mess. I believe some of these problems date back several years in Quicken. The date format thing though is a bit strange.



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    Are you running Q US or Q Canada?

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  • Diana
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    I am using Q Canada.

    The problem is even worse today (July 12, 2023). I have about 5 entries of rate changes in my list of rates that I cannot edit. i can only overwrite them with a new entry. No way to edit or delete entries.

    Definitely a pain with a variable rate mortgage here in Canada!

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