Lost All Attachments and Won't Accept New Ones

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When I opened Quicken Deluxe today, it acted as I need to install it. I restored a backup file and lost all my attachments. I use to be able to attach a .pdf file but it will no longer accept .pdf files. What has Quicken done. This is terrible as the attachments go back 3 years.


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    You have two issues, the first is "When I opened Quicken Deluxe today, it acted as I need to install it."

    Check your filename length. Quicken can get picky about it if it is longer than eight characters, 12345678.QDF. 
    Also check that there is not a space at the end before the period.
    it in Windows Explorer with Quicken closed. Once renamed, double click
    on the file to start Quicken with that file, after that, it should find
    it on its own.
    NOTE: The old file name will still be in the Recent File list (File menu), but for more recent versions of Quicken, if you select it, Quicken will tell you it can't find it and offer to remove it from the Recent File list.

    I've got no advice on the attachment issue except to not store attachments in Quicken. They take up a lot of space, make backups take longer and use more disk space. You also can only work on them one at a time (i.e. no way to get out several at once).

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