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The option to select a Tracking Method (Simple or Complete) does NOT APPEAR in the "Edit Account Details" window for my investment accounts.

To clarify - I have a 6-year-old data file used to monitor a dozen investment accounts at Morgan Stanley. Last month, when I added a new account, ALL the accounts were silently switched from Complete to Simple. I discovered the new Tracking Method option and switched back all the accounts. Then, last week, when I added a new account, the Tracking Method box disappeared from all the investment accounts.

I chatted with Quicken Support and shared my screen. The agent noticed that my data file is on the D: drive, but the Quicken program is on the C: drive. We made a copy of my data file and placed it on the C: drive. Still, the Tracking Method box does not appear. As near as I can tell, in the original file, my accounts continue to use the Complete method, which I prefer.

Today, I made ANOTHER copy of the data file, this time on the D: drive, and performed One Step Update using the new copy. One Step Update reported 9 new transactions, yet none of the dozen accounts showed the red flag signifying new transactions. Further, the Tracking Method options do NOT appear. I suspect this new copy on the D: drive has switched to Simple tracking, yet I have no way to choose.

This is troubling. Why would there be a difference in functionality depending on the C: or D: drive location of a data file? Why has the Tracking Method option disappeared from Edit Account Details? I'm very concerned about the integrity of my data going forward.

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    The choice is still in the Edit→Preferences→Investments.

    Quicken Help states the following (last sentence), which indicates to me, if you have it turned on in Preferences, you will see it when editing an account, but if off, it isn't shown.

    Enable Simple Investing (positions -only)

    With Simple Investing, Quicken keeps track of the positions

    (number of shares for each security) over time and your cash balances.

    Quicken’s tracking is based on information provided by your broker. 

    Your portfolio value, net worth, and investment returns over time will be

    available, but Quicken will not be able to calculate capital gains and

    losses or investment income. Quicken will display an account summary

    rather than an investment transaction register when the account is


    If turned on, you will see this option when you set up a new investment

    account or access the Account Details of a current account.

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    As mentioned - if the Preferences Setting is OFF - then it will not appear as an option for ANY account -

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