Buy transactions increase cash balance instead of decreasing it

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Securities transactions downloaded for 7/2020 through 12/2020 in 7 different accounts all have the same defect, every buy transaction increases the cash balance in the account by the purchase cost instead of decreasing the cash balance by the purchase cost. The cash balance error overstates the total value of each account by roughly 60%.

Neither Validate nor Super Validate not rebuild investment transactions detects or corrects these errors. "All internal consistency checks passed" apparently doesn't include any common sense checks.

any kind of editing repairs the transaction, just using the tab key to reach the cost field in the register and hitting enter is enough. it is not necessary to cut, paste or type in any field however, the edit is processed unusually slowly, requiring on average 20s before the UI is responsive.

There are a large number of transactions to repair. Editing these transactions as described above would be many hours of work. A constructive suggestion for how to resolve this problem would be appreciated.

NB: None of these accounts has any placeholder entries and never has
Simple investing is disabled.


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    On any one of those BOUGHT transactions, what is the amount, including the sign, in the "INV AMT" and "CASH AMT" columns?

    And can you provide a graphic of what you're seeing?

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