Problem with Income & Expense Card on Desktop

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How do you prevent the Income & Expense Card on the desktop from listing a transfer of funds between accounts from showing up as an expense ?

Income and expense reports are ok, but the desktop card wants to display the transfer as an expense when it is not an expense.

I can't find a place to correct this.

Quicken Premier

Version R50.14 Build

Windows 10 Home


  • NotACPA
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    What type of accts are you transferring from … because xfers out of retirement type accts into non-retirement accts are income.

    Also for the accts involved, what have you set as the Tax Attributes?

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  • Dr J G
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    I am transferring from one bank account to another bank account. Actually, I closed one Money Market account and transferred the funds to a new Money Market account with better interest. It is within the same bank.

    Also, where do I look for the tax attributes. I don't think it is set for any tax attribute.

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