One step update still does not work - still freezes

Terry R
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50.14 did not fix the problem - how do I roll software back to a previous version????

Why Is Intuit not responding to this ??


  • Terry R
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    edited June 2023

    Stays on this screen till use task manager to shut down software

  • splasher
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    It might not be an Intuit issue since they are only the aggregator of data. It could be that it is a Quicken problem and they are aware of it, they just haven't been able to fix it 100%.

    BTW, Intuit has not owned Quicken, Inc for several years.

    As far as reverting back to an earlier release, follow this link for a download of a previous patch release:

    Be sure to make a backup of your data first and have Quicken closed before applying the patch.

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  • bob.hartel
    bob.hartel Member

    This is happening to me too. I'm at Version R50.14 Version Tried reinstalling and same thing happened.

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