Option to automatically not display investments with zero shares/balances

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Fidelity managed accounts constantly churns brokerage accounts to mine tax loses or change allocations. I constantly have a large number of investment lines with zero balances. I can go to the Quicken options and manually hide those but often I have that fund/stock in another account. Frequently after a year they made trade back to that fund/stock and I have to go turn it back on. Would it not be a good idea to have an option not to show zero balance funds/stocks ? It is not fun to find that the account balance is higher than what is shown on the investing page and have to go figure out which fund/stock is not turned on.


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    Where are these displayed? Usually they are hidden in the Investing > Portfolio views and the Account Overview "Holdings" view. Click on the gear at the top right of the view and un-check Show closed lots to hide them.

    If a report, which one?

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    Duh! It was so obvious.

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