Will quicken download Morgan Stanley Miscellaneous Income transactions

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I am using Quicken R50.14. build on Windows 10. I have multiple structured note products in a retirement account. These notes pay interest on a quarterly basis but the interest payments are not downloaded into quicken for any of the notes. The interest payments are classified as Miscellaneous Income in Morgan Stanley's system and Morgan Stanley believes that this classification is the reason the transactions are not downloaded. Is this a know quicken problem? Is there any kind of workaround to this situation, other than manually adding the transactions.?


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    Looking at the two "Morgan Stanley" entries in the fidir.txt file:

    57201 57201 57201 Morgan Stanley - Cash Management http://www.morganstanley.com/ 1-888-454-3965 https://www.morganstanleyclientserv.com/default.aspx ACTIVE BANKING,ACCOUNTINFO&DIRECT NOT_QBP NA

    04734 04734 04734 Morgan Stanley Wealth Management http://www.morganstanley.com/ 1-800-688-6896 https://login.matrix.ms.com/public/login/webapp/html/main/public_Loginhtml#/login ACTIVE INVESTMENT,ACCOUNTINFO&DIRECT NOT_QBP NA

    they both use the Direct Connect method to send information to Quicken.

    The Direct Connect method requires that the Financial Institution (FI)code each transaction into Quicken-readable form using the OFX schema, and place these transaction on their server such that when you initiate a download that transaction the transactions are downloaded into Quicken. Direct Connect is basically your computer connecting directly with the FI's server so, at first blush, this is a Morgan Stanley issue.

    Have you looked into the OFX lots (Help > Contact Support > Log Files) to see what Morgan Stanley is sending to Quicken when these payments occur? IF the payments really are simple interest income THEN the coding for that sort of transaction is trivial and I'd guess Morgan Stanley sends thousands of these sort of transactions to Quicken every year. The fact that you see the income called "Miscellaneous Income" when you're looking at your account on the Morgan Stanley site is pretty much irrelevant as a IT guy at Morgan Stanley should be coding the dollars as interest income associated with a particular security.

    Maybe the issue is that the dollar amounts are not pure "interest income?" and how the income for the year isn't really known until the year is over, so Morgan Stanley isn't sending erroneous "interest income" transactions in the meantime. (A shot in the dark here.)

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