My Nebraska checking account was assigned to BofA - Unable to change online info.


I did an online update. It completed fine, EXCEPT several accounts were missing from the confirmation page when the update concluded.

My BofA accounts all updated fine, but a couple of credit card accounts were no longer listed on the summary page nor was my out of state Nebraska checking account.

I tried to update the online information for the NE account via tools, (under the general tab) account list, edit - then putting in the correct account number and bank routing number. It won't save the information. When I try to go in via tools, account list, onliine tools, online services, set up now - the new screen only lists BofA for the account type/branch. It's neither. It's First Nebraska Bank.

So I'm curious as to why this got changed to BofA but more importantly how do I get it back to First Nebraska Bank?


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    Before changing the info for an online acct, you first need to Deactivate the acct fro download.

    After doing that , I'd exit Q and restart it before connecting again.

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  • FritzTheCat
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    Doesn't give me the option to deactivate!

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