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I am completing placeholders to record the cost of my securities and entered the lots incorrectly. As an example, I own 79 shares of Amazon made over 3 separate purchase dates. I recorded 79 total shares and breaking down the purchases into 3 lots but my lot information is entered incorrectly. I don't see where I can go back in and correct this information.




  • Tom Young
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    IF you want to properly track your 3 lots of Amazon, correct purchase date, correct number of shares and correct cost basis, THEN you need to made 3 Add entries, one for each lot. (I'm making the assumption that you just want to get your holdings correct as of "today" and not make the history of your accounting "perfect.")

    Of course the "more correct" approach here would be to make 3 Buy entries as of the date of the transactions, with the correct information. But if you're more focused on getting you security holdings and cash correct as of "today", then make the 3 Add entries as of "today" with the proper number of shares, proper cost and proper date acquired, and you'll be good to go.

    You could restore a backup before you made your Amazon entries or, maybe easier, just delete whatever entry or entries you made and enter the lot information correctly with the Add Action.

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    You’ll also want to make sure you have the account details set to Complete, not Simple.

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