Using Quicken on more than 1 computer

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I am using Windows Quicken R50.15 on my desktop. I was of the impression that I am allowed to install Quicken on more than 1 computer. So I installed Quicken R50.15 on my laptop so I can take Quicken with me on an upcoming trip. I copied my Quicken .QDF data file over to my laptop and I am able to open the file with Quicken but I get a message stating that my subscription has expired however I have a valid subscription so I must be doing something wrong or missing a step. Anyone have any suggestions please.


  • Tom Young
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    Over the years and over different desktop and laptop PCs I've done that more than a few times, but I've not received that "expired subscription" notice in the subscription era. It seems like you've done exactly the same thing I've done in these cases so nothing "wrong" leaps out at me.

    If Quicken is working on both PCs then one approach is to shrug it off as a minor annoyance and, maybe, it fixes itself somewhere along the way as you transfer the file back and forth. But a call to Official Quicken Support might be necessary here.

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