Fidelity Brokeragelink account not recognized in the Investing Tab.

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Doesn't work in Portfolfolo X-ray or in the port value vs. basis plot (and maybe other functions).

If I plot the 401(k) or Brokeragelink seperately or with the parent 401(k) the plots are incorrrect. It doesn't appear that all assets are included.

X-ray just throws an error when Brokeragelink is selected.

Is there something I need to do to fix this?




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    Make sure both accounts and all the securities in these accounts are selected on the Investing > Performance tab and Portfolio views.

    What securities are in the Brokeragelink and 401(k) accounts? The Portfolio X-Ray uses Morningstar's data, which only includes publicly traded securities that have valid ticker symbols.


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  • Dave493
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    Thanks for the reply,

    After a little digging I found the issue. It turns out that the proprietary funds in the 401(k) were marked as "hidden" in the securities list. Not sure how this happened. These were new funds added to my 401(k) port in June (and new to quicken). Once I made them unhidden the port looks ok.

    Also, as of this morning, X-ray seems to access the Brokeragelink account w/o error. This is not related to the hidden funds as this account only contains public tickers,

    Thanks for your help. 😀

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