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Bills & Income Settings Won't Save

About 3 weeks or so ago my Due Date setting in Bills & Income changed from what I've had it set for 10 years or more, 90 days, to 14 days. Not excited so I changed it back to 90 days. Closed Quicken and the next time I opened it, it was back to 14 days (see attached jpeg). I tried it over and over and it kept changing back so I contacted support. Was on the phone and screen share for over an hour at which time the agent made many attempts to fix it. No Fix. So at that point the agent said "I hope the next update fixes it" and ended the support session. Well, I wanted to work with them so I waited for the next 2 updates and still it is not fixed. So I figured I'd contact them again for help. Meanwhile I get an email from them telling me {"Ticket ID":"10324062"} is closed. I'm like "what the heck, closing a ticket without fixing the problem?" I'm a 15-20 year Quicken user and this is quite disgusting to me. Anyhow, if anyone has any ideas how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. I was going to contact support today but it's the 4th and I guess they're closed.

Thanks for any help



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