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now that I am retired and have never used the on line services is it possible to convert to the Basic quicken for mac without losing any register data? Just looking to use it as an electronic checkbook register… Thank you


  • jacobs
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    Yes, you can downgrade to Quicken Starter. If you use it solely for a checkbook, it should be no problem. It has nothing to do with online services, which you'll have whether you run Deluxe or Starter. You would lose the ability to have loan accounts, investment accounts, and 12-month budgets; if you don't need any of those, then Starter might be okay for you. Do you not track your retirement and/or other investment accounts in Quicken?

    One additional note: if you switch to Starter and ever don't renew your subscription, Quicken become read-only; you won't be able to continue manually entering transactions with a lapsed subscription. By contrast, with Quicken Deluxe, you can still use Quicken manually if you let the subscription expire, but you lose roughly 20% of the right side of your Quicken window for an annoying, permanent reminder to renew — but you can still use it. Of course, it you plan to continue paying the annual subscription fee, this issue is moot, and Starter can save you a few bucks versus Deluxe.

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