Opinion on PC & Graphics for Quicken clarity.

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After going through my ordeal with my PC virus, it went away after I waited 30 days for my Microsoft Account to be purged and reset. Now they want me to buy extra cloud storage for One Drive for an exra $7.99 a month, right….. I don't think so! I tried just deleting the words "One Drive" out of my Quicken files with that name in them. and unfortunately, the files disappeared after doing that! Questions:

  1. How do I get "One Drive" OUT of any and all of all my Quicken files and including back-ups. Why can't MS just copy the new data OVER the old (by customer selection) and use the space we have instead of just keep adding an unspecified amount to the cloud!
  2. I'm buying a new Desktop PC. Can anyone tell me if the new UHD 770 resident graphics that resides on the i7-13700 system board is as clear as a RTX 3060 graphics card (and no I don't Game). I have poor vision and have been ordering PC's with graphics cards to help keep my spreadsheets and Quicken as clear as possible to be able to read them as clearly as possible?
  3. Are there any less expensive options than One Drive for a secure, easy to use back up?


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