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    I am having the same problem with the latest Windows software R50.16, build Erroneous quotes are being loaded for two securities (one that doesn't even have "download prices" on - I manually update that particular security; the other VEA, does have download prices on). I can manually edit one of the security's price history, but it reverts to erroneous prices every time I run a transaction download. Further, one security will not allow me to manually edit price history (seems like a software bug). Seems like Quicken needs better software testing tools before all of these releases they are doing!

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    Do you mean one security does not have "Download Quotes", the checkbox in the Security list, checked?

    Quicken can get quotes from its quote provider, which uses the security's Ticker symbol to look up the prices, and/or from your brokerage. Un-checking Download Quotes disables quote downloading from the quote provider and should block quotes from that source but not from the brokerage. This should always be un-checked for securities that are not publicly traded, such as special 401(k) funds.

    Is the discrepancy for VEA a few pennies or a significant amount? There have been issues where some Vanguard ETFs sometimes download the closing sale price and sometimes the closing NAV.

    Also do you have the Premier and up Real time Quotes option enabled? The option is at Edit > Preferences > Investments.

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    thanks, it does not seem to be a download quotes problem since all, the quotes for the day when the problem seems to of occurred are correct. Somewhere internally the calculation for the total market price versus the “security value” fails. And the net worth calculation for that account is off by 40%. I may be a little vague right now because I’m away from my computer and cannot see the exact data. I have a ticket in with tech-support at Quicken, and I will check that when I return home.

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