Interest Income not Included in Investment Performance Reports

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I have a bond account with a number of bonds paying periodic interest. Those interest payments are successfully downloaded and appear in my register. However, they don't appear in Investment Performance reports. Apparently the "Action" for a downloaded interest payment is _IntInc, but the report ignores all of these entries. How can I fix this?


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    How is the report subtotaled?

    If you select just the one account and don't subtotal or subtotal by account, and the interest income stays in the account, the interest income will not be broken out in the report but it is included in the ending balance.

    If you subtotal by Security, you should see the individual bonds and their interest payments. If the interest went to buy shares in a settlement fund, you should see that as well.

    Unfortunately the IPR does not show the overall IRR when subtotaling, but you can read it off the Total IRR line on the graph.

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    Sorry, yes I'm on Win10. Thanks!

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