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I currently have been running Quicken Premier on Win 10 for many years.

I understand Quicken for for Mac is not as advanced as Quicken for Windows . Have a few questions

  1. How easy is a conversion going from a Microsoft Surface 2 to Mac Air for Quicken ?
  2. On Quicken I just update all my accounts daily for new transactions and stock prices. In your opinion if I change laptops would this be a major issue ?

Thank you


  • jacobs
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    1. In most cases, the conversion of data from Quicken windows to Quicken Mac goes easily and smoothly. Except in some cases it doesn't. And the only way to know for certain is to do it. I wish I could tell you definitively that it will work flawlessly, but I can't.
    2. It should work the same as it does for you now. Which is to say: there are always connectivity issues with a changing array of financial institutions, but generally, any problems with a specific financial institution are the same on both Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac. If you're not having any problems with your financial institutions currently, you probably won't if you switch to Quicken Mac.

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