Why is Quicken Mac no longer showing cash balance in portfolio view?

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The portfolio view for Cash shows as "NA" in the portfolio view. It used to show the cash balance in the portfolio view but recently it has disappeared. The brokerage company account shows the cash balance but it's not getting into Quicken. Has something changed in Quicken to caused this?


  • Gilles9
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    Set to "portfolio value" it does show me the cash balance, if any

    if Set to Capital gains or Performance it does not

    My tracking is set to detailed

  • jacobs
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    @AKmike Can you confirm that what you're seeing is a Cash line where the value under Market Value column is "NA"? Are your filters set to "Portfolio Value" and "By Security"?

    I'm still seeing the cash balance in my investment accounts which have cash. (In accounts with no cash, the Cash line doesn't show "NA" — the Cash line simply isn't displayed.) The only place I can get a Cash line to show "NA" is if I display the "Day Gain/Loss" and "Day Gain/Loss (%)" columns. I can't figure out what setting would cause a Cash line to show "NA" in the Market Value column.

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