Quicken vs Simplifi?

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I've used QDeluxe for almost 20 years now to list and reconcile every transaction from every account that I have. I also used the calendar function as a reminder when bills or deposits were due. Also, once a year on payee and category reports for taxes. I've loved the QSW for helping me stay current on my bills and accounts, but I've hated the mobile version since it's release. It has never worked for me like the desktop version has.

I would like to know if the Simplifi mobile app version would be a better option? I would like to enter transactions as the take place and I currently cannot do that with Quicken Mobile app. I was hoping that maybe Simplifi might work better for real time recording of transactions.


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    Most of us who spend time in this Quicken forum have limited knowledge or experience with Simplifi. I think you may find the Simplifi user interface is better than the Quicken mobile app. But you need to be aware that Simplifi is not the equivalenct of a cloud-based Quicken. You can't import your 20 years of Quicken data into Simplifi. You can't print reports. And lots of other Quicken features aren't in Simplifi. But for users who want the online-only, use-anywhere paradigm for tracking income and expenses, Simplifi may be a better fit.

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