Simple way to combine brokerage accounts and retirement accounts to get overall asset allocation?

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I have several accounts in both categories. I want to combine them to see asset allocation.

I found this suggestion but it's temporary and a bunch of clicks:

Is there a way to just combine them so that when I click on investing, it aggregates all my brokerage and retirement accounts?


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    I might not be understanding your question. When you click on Investing in the left sidebar, you are selecting to see data for all your investing accounts, retirement and non-retirement, together.

    So in the Investing Dashboard, all your investments are reflected. Asset Allocation and Allocation by Security show the information for your investments combined. And in the Portfolio tab, you're also seeing the data for all your accounts.

    From your question it seems as simple as that: just click Investing in the left sidebar, rather than a single account or account group. Is there something you're trying to do that this doesn't address?

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    @jacobs Before I made any changes, clicking on investing in the left sidebar only gave me the portfolio in the Brokerage section. The assets on my Retirement category did not show up in the Asset Allocation for Investing

    I then followed your instructions to add all the accounts in my Retirement category. After I did that, the asset allocation in the Dashboard of Investing showed everything including Retirement.

    I thought that was a temporary change and I would have to do it repeatedly. I restarted QforMac just now and the change looks sticky.

    So this is a one-time modification that will endure?


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