Why do Quicken Not have on the Register?

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The check register does not have a column for a running total for your monthly projections. Why does Quicken have to complicate its product? It used to have this column. Please bring it back Quicen



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    You mean the Balance column? Are you on Windows or Mac? If you are not showing a balance column then you might first need to select an individual account in the side bar.  

    You can't get a running balance unless it's sorted by date. Click the DATE column heading to sort by date. And for Mac click on "Reset Filters" at the top of the register-some filters prevent the balance from showing.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    will come back later when there is some clarity to the non-sentence topic title -

    Why do Quicken Not have on the Register?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Quicken has not complicated things, as there cis certainly a Balance column for every register. As noted above, it's likely you did something inadvertently to cause the Balance not to be showing.

    Let's start with this: is there a Balance column in your register or not?

    If not, what is the title of the register in the upper left corner of the register (just above the "Transactions" button). Does it say "Cash" (or "Banking" or "All Transactions"), or does it show the name of your checking account?

    If it says Cash, it means you've clicked on the Cash group heading in the left sidebar. Do you see your checking account (whatever you have it named) under Cash, like this:

    If you don't see any account under Cash, you might have collapsed the Cash group. Hover your cursor over the Cash line, and you should see a ">" widget to the left of Cash, like this:

    Click the ">" widget to expand the Cash group, and you should see your checking account under it. Click on that account, and see if you're now seeing your register complete with the Balance column.

    There are some other things we can check, but I'm going to stop there until you provide some feedback and additional information.

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