Double number of shares reported in One account in Dashboard

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I have Quicken Home Business, subscription, latest update R50.16 Build - The Investing>Dashboard window, and in Top Movers window for only 1 account reports the double of shares for all securities within that account. In Portfolio mode, the number of shares is correct. The same BUG is seen in Home>Portfolio Value dashboard window, for that account, where the reported value is double of its actual value. I have tried everything, (deleting and re-adding the account, checking the settings, verifying that transactions are not duplicated, etc). I see also that many other users have caught this bug, but their discussions have been closed. Please fix this.


  • Tom Young
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    Sometimes problems are entirely "local" in nature due to some slight (hopefully) problem with the data file. You don't mention "Singing in as a different user" nor Validating the the file. Have you tried either of those?

    If a regular Validation doesn't fix the problem then the next thing to try is to Copy the file and then Validating the COPIED file. This will require that all Accounts connected to Financial Institutions be re-established for downloading in the copied file.

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