User Defined Asset Class not showing up on Investing: Allocations screen

Jeff W
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I have had a long term problem with getting the User Defined Asset Classes to work seamlessly across the app.

I immediately started using the new feature on day 1, as it would eliminate a spreadsheet / download process I had for monitoring asset classes that Quicken could not fulfill with due to the limited classes available.

Once I set it up, I went to the Investing: Allocation tab and noticed a problem. Some of the newly created asset classes were not showing any values on the report and graph. The report and graph showed a "No Asset Class" line with the missing amounts. I reviewed all of my assets (again) and determined that they were properly assigned to an asset class. However, the screen I would use to monitor my assets wasn't working.

Interestingly, the Asset Allocation report shows all amounts properly. While helpful, it doesn't provide the comparison to planned allocation that makes the screen report so valuable to me.

I've had this logged as a problem with Quicken support. Is anyone else having this issue? If so, is there any tips you have in making this work?


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