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Quicken not pulling in price updates for security it otherwise seems to recognize

DavidNewYork Member ✭✭
edited August 12 in Investing (Mac)

Hi, fellow Quicken users! I own shares in Vanguard Target Retire 2060 Trust Select, which doesn't have a ticker symbol but does have a CUSIP (92204E852). And when you type that CUSIP into the security's dialog box, Quicken does seem to recognize it (see screenshot below).

But that's as far as it goes. Quicken will never pull the price in automatically—I always have to do so manually. And if I click on the "Security Overview" button, I get taken to this page, which is a dud.

Is there any way to coax Quicken to look this price up properly? Or am I out of luck? Thank you!


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Quicken gets its price quotes from third-party data supplier, so if that source doesn't support this security, there's nothing Quicken can do to get it.

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