Cannot keep Quicken from crashing when trying to add online account or access Bills tab

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I have been putting up with this for years. Quicken crashes whenever I try to access the Bills tab or try to edit accounts to allow online updates. Many accounts update just fine, but a few don't and it happened around 2021. I have done everything, and I mean everything: all the data validations, reinstall, reinstall of Windows. I've disabled firewalls. I've had the help desk take control and add a new online account on a freshly installed Quicken with a brand new data file, same errors. Whenever I try to access the Bills tab, or whenever I try to set up online services for an account that does not have it (in this instance Schwab), the screen goes black and I get the hourglass of death. Everything else works fine.


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    Where is your Q data file located?

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    QuickenData folder is located on my hard drive which I believe is partitioned to hold all my data files on D: It is a couple subfolders down, if that makes sense. I'm an OK user, not much of an IT type.

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