Unrealized gains not working in transaction reports

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When I go to the Advanced Tab of the report customizations for any activity report and click the "Include Unrealized Gains" box in the tab and try to run the report Quicken locks up and I have to restart. For the Net Worth and balances reports everything works fine…I can click the "Include Unrealized Gains" box in the customization tab and the reports run fine with the correct info. The software seems to be working because I can run all the reports with no problems with a different source file. The problem is occurring only with activity reports. I'm concerned that my file may have become corrupted in some way where the transaction history has lost some of the unrealized gain/loss activity. Thoughts on how I can address??


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    What is the exact name of the report or reports with this problem? The Investing Activity report always includes unrealized gains, and as far as I know that is the only standard report that includes "Activity" in its name.

    Including unrealized gains in reports requires more computation. Have you tried restricting the date range or accounts to see if the problem report(s) work ok?

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