One Step Update - Add update of Home value via Zestimate

Robbie Robinson
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Suggestion is to add a user setting that allows a user to turn on or off such that during a one step update, the system would check for an update of a home or property value when the one step update runs and if the user has set the setting to yes.

If a user does not want the system to pull in an updated value for a home or property, they would leave the default value for setting to be no. The default for the setting should be no.

If a new value for the property is found on Zillow, the system pulls in the update, flags the account like any other account that a transaction has been pulled in for during the one step update, and they can accept or decline the transaction.

The transaction that would be entered into the property account would be just like what is created when a user clicks on the "Check for updated Zestimate".

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    I wish that there was a way to vote against this.

    It's so easy to get one's home value now, that I wouldn't want to see time wasted on this idea.

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