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Steve M
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As I see things now - let's say I invested in stock A a year ago and sold stock A for a profit not too long after.

Now, I invested again in the same stock but Quicken seems to count my past investment as part of gains/losses.

Is there a way to NOT have Quicken count past investments in that stock and only show me my gains/losses for the most recent investments in that stock?


  • Tom Young
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    Sure there is, if what you are interested in is "unrealized" gains, as seems to be the case here since you're referring to shares you currently own.

    Go to your Holdings screen in an Account and look at that. It will show your absolute gain or loss on the stocks you currently own, as well as the percentage gain or loss. It will completely ignore that stock A you invested in a year ago and sold shortly thereafter. It's a pure presentation of gains/losses of stock you currently own.

  • q_lurker
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    As Tom indicates, Gain/loss is on current holdings.

    “Amount Invested” and some related Return values in a Portfolio view are cumulative. Such values are subject to a user chosen starting date. Options / Portfolio Preferences / Show return from: defaults to earliest date.

    Some return% values for specific securities are downloaded.

    Search the help files on portfolio columns for additional details.

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