Quicken On The Web allow data entry from two different computers (Mac, PC) in different locations?

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Can QUICKEN ON THE WEB handle the following use case?

I own QUICKEN MAC (which I have used since the very early days….before Quicken 7).

In one city, I use QUICKEN MAC for three different data files:

  1. Personal file (my own accounts) ….. stored locally on Mac and Not Synced to web/cloud.
  2. Dependent file (for the finances of a Disabled Person) ….. stored locally on Mac and Not Synced to web/cloud.
  3. Property file (newly setup to track rental Real Property owned by myself and son) ….. stored locally on Mac (I think) and Synced to web/cloud.

The objective is to have the Property file be on the Web and accessible via my Mac computer in one city and my son's PC computer in another city and then to both be able to make entries and corrections to the data file.

The Property file will have one Bank account (owned by Son) which it would be nice to be able to do download updates (sync between the bank and Q data file).

A. Is this objective going to be possible?

Where is the Property DATA FILE going to reside? One data file on each computer?

Does Son have to load QUICKEN WINDOWS on his computer (from my Q account)?

B. Is QUICKEN ON THE WEB able to handle:

a "property" asset account?

a "mortgage" loan account?


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