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I'm using Quicken (R51.10) for Windows. Just updated the Wells Fargo payment method from Quick Pay to Express Web Connect. Now, I have information about my mortgage account, but I need clarity on how to initiate a mortgage payment. Looking at Wells Fargo under Bills & Income, the action displayed is "Enter", which is a registry entry only, as I understand it. The payment amount I entered was decremented from the register, but not the checking account balance shown under "All Transactions. So, how do I make a payment? Or, if a payment was sent by the "Enter" function, where is it indicated? The Quick Pay and Check Pay functions provide a "cancel" option. This new Wells Fargo payment method doesn't provide the user any feedback.




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    Express Web Connect (EWC) cannot send payment commands to the bank. It is a 1-way download connection method, only.

    If you wish to send bill pay commands to WF from within Quicken you need to change the connection method from EWC to Direct Connect (DC). You can read how to set up DC with WF here: Re: Wells Fargo DIRECT CONNECT.

    Once you complete setting up WF with DC, go to the Online Services tab of Account Details for the checking account and enable Online Bill Pay for Bank Bill Pay.

    Once Bank Bill Pay is enabled, you will need to set up the Online Payee for the mortgage company by going to Tools > Online Payee List > New > fill in the appropriate information for the mortgage account > OK.

    Now you are ready to set up a payment to the mortgage company. Go to Tools > Online Center > select "Wells Fargo" from the drop down > Payments Tab > fill in the payment information > Update/Send. This will enter the transaction into the checking account register and after WF has received and process the bill pay command it will confirm it by entering a lightning bolt into the

    When WF has received the payment command via Update/Send it will confirm it by entering a lightning bolt into the Check # field of the transaction in the checking account register. Click on that lightning bolt to see the confirmation details. The transaction in the register will now be linked to WF and when you run One Step Update WF will update the transaction as the payment is processed.

    Future payments to the mortgage company can be set up in the Online Center as mentioned above. Or, conversely, by entering a new transaction into the checking account register, typing "Send" in the check number field, selecting the mortgage company in the payee field, entering the payment information, saving the transaction and then doing OSU or Update Now.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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