Can the Net Worth Report be corrected to use deposit totals instead of split details.

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March 2022 introduced an almost fatal flaw into the quicken system by corrupting the paycheck wizard splits. The solution proposed by Quicken is to roll back to an unaffected version prior to that date and re-enter all transactions since. That is NOT a reasonable situation for most users.

Can the Net worth reports and graphs have a configuration option added to allow them to be produced using the deposit total which is still correct rather than the corrupted underlying splits? This seems to be a much more elegant solution than a brute force rollback and reenter.

My Net Worth reports are USELESS at this point. This is a major feature of the software and allowing it to stay broken is just bad form treatment of your users. Get off your butts and come up with a fix rather than just dumping the problem back onto your users to fix your error.


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    A Net Worth report DOES use the net deposit total. That's the debit (increase) in cash in the Account, and in any case you say the deposit total is still correct, so I'd guess it's still correct in your current Net Worth reports, even if the splits are messed up.

    I have no idea what corruption the paycheck wizard has introduced, not having a paycheck, but at it's heart - despite all the (sometimes useless) bells and whistles Quicken programmers keep introducing, along with bugs - Quicken is a double entry accounting system, and the Net Worth report is going to use the balances of all the Accounts in the file, even if the Account balances are wrong and the Categories are all screwed up.

    So I'm not really understanding what you're trying to do here. But I know that having the programmers start to somehow "customize" the Net Worth report is because of a prior bug will only lead to more bugs.

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