Improving Quicken for Mac Performance in "All Transactions" View

Just Lurking
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Any tips for improving performance? I've let my Quicken data file get woefully out-of-date and while doing a big cleanup I'm finding the "All Transactions" view to be very slow and laggy as I edit transaction names and fix categories. (I have it filtered on "Not Reviewed" transactions, FWIW.)

I've seen performance tips for Quicken Windows but I'm not sure they necessarily apply to the different Quicken Mac architecture. Any suggestions?


  • RickO
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    Would it be feasible to do this cleanup one account or (smaller) account group at a time? The All Transactions register needs to look at your entire database at one time. When you have it filtered, it is "re-filtering" every time you make a change.

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  • jacobs
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    In addition to the above suggestions, make sure you don't have any other windows — especially reports — hiding behind the main Quicken window. Pull down the Window menu and look at the bottom: if there is anything beneath "Sync Errors", it's a window you have open. If a report window is open, the report needs to recalculate after every transaction is saved, which can make Quicken feel sluggish. Close any open windows, and Quicken will feel much faster.

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  • Just Lurking
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    @RickO You're right that Quicken is more performant using a smaller account group, but it's less efficient for me overall as I have many of the same payees/categories that are spread across many accounts. Using the all transactions view lets me update quickfill rules and edit them all in one fell swoop. I've taken to sorting by Payee/Security and going alphabetically through the list. Painful work, I've been working at it for a couple of hours and still have over 3k unreviewed transactions. :(

    @jacobs Thanks - I saw this helpful comment on another thread but couldn't respond as it had been closed. I did check this and I don't have any other windows/reports open.

    I was hoping there might be some known tips to help improve performance such as hiding certain columns, but perhaps not? I'm sure performance will improve as the number of unreviewed transactions slowly shrinks…

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