Bug with "Open Payees & Rules List..." (Q Mac)

Scott Rose
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I've discovered a bug in Quicken Mac Version 7.1.2 (Build 701.49356.100) running on macOS 13.4.1.

This is a keyboard-only bug, so be sure that you DON'T use your mouse during the steps below, or else it will work properly:

  1. Go into one of your bank account's "transactions" window.
  2. Hit command-N to create a New Transaction.
  3. Hit tab until you get to the "Payee" field.
  4. Start typing the name of an already-existing Payee.
  5. Don't hit return or select any of the matching payees that show up in the dropdown list. Simply use the down arrow on your keyboard to navigate downwards to "Open Payees & Rules list…"
  6. When "Open Payees & Rules list…" is highlighted, hit return on your keyboard.
  7. BUG: The Payees & Rules list will not open in the foreground. It actually opens in the background where you can't see it.


  • Jon
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    edited July 2023

    It opened in the background for me also. I was able to see part of the window sticking out from behind the main window; didn't do me a whole lot of good though since it also automatically selected a payee for me & jumped ahead to the Category field. It doesn't do any of those things if you use the mouse to select "Open Payees & Rules List…".

    Happens with both 7.1.2 and 7.2.0.

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Two notes:

    (1) I have never, in the 9 years I've been using modern Quicken Mac, (a) selected "Open Payees & Rules list" from the transaction Payee selection menu or (b) even noticed that this option was at the bottom of the menu! 😂

    (2) I tried this on an Intel-powered iMac running macOS Catalina and the just-released 7.2, and this bug did not occur. That is, selecting "Open Payees & Rules list" from the Payees dropdown menu resulted in the Payees & Rules window opening, as expected, in the foreground. I then tested the steps above on an M2-powered Macbook Air running macOS Ventura, and the bug does occur when following the steps above. So this problem is specific to either the chip hardware or the operating system. (I don't have more eMacs to test different permutations of Mac and operating system.)

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