Transfers from Savings to Checking, Income/Expense Reports

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When I make an Online Trasfer from Checking to Savings the transaction shows as a example -200.00 under expense report all other expenses do not show that way, it is makes my total expense of the month not add up correctly, is there a fix for this problem or am I just not entering it correctly.



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    You can customize the report, click the Customize or Gear icon. Then under the Advanced tab you can include or exclude Transfers.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    I assume both accounts are set up in Quicken. Your registers may look different depending on which columns are enabled.

    In the checking account you should see 200.00 in the Payment column and/or -200.00 in the Amount column.

    In the savings account you should see 200.00 in the Deposit column and/or 200.00 in the Amount column.

    In each account you should see the other account in [square brackets] as the Category. This indicates that it is a transfer.

    OK so far?

    Now, what is the name of the "expense" report you are running? Different reports have different default settings.

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    you can see what I am talking about under expenses the -500.00 from online transfer from checking transfer to savings, under Income a transfer from saving of 1000.00 went into income, why isn't the 500.00 to saving just show as 500.00 expense, what am I doing wrong, I cannot use the Quicken budget since I cannot customize date that I need, so I use an Excel spreadsheet that I manually enter the numbers.



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