Vanguard's new Brokerage Account Platform - transition issue

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I have transitioned my original Vanguard account to their new Brokerage Account platform. My Vanguard account contains only one fund. When I update transactions in Quicken, it correctly shows my Cash Balance, but the Securities Value shows $0.00. I have tried using both my original account number and my new Brokerage account number. My Quicken register shows all the shares of my only fund as being "removed," but it does not show that it was transferred to the new Brokerage account.

Should I deactivate online access for Vanguard (original acct) and then reactivate? Or, should I deactivate and then create a new Quicken account for the Brokerage acct? I would like to maintain the historical transactions which go back over then years, but I could live with Quicken simply showing the current Securities and Cash values.

I'm using Quicken Home & Business with latest updates as well as Windows 11 with all updates applied.

I'll be grateful for any help and guidance here.


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    Broadly speaking there's two ways of working through these changes. Either you continue using the same Quicken Account, just with the "new" Vanguard account number, or you create a new Quicken Account for the new Vanguard account and you (or downloads fro the Financial Institution) transfer your securities from the old Account to the new Account.

    The fact that you have a "Remove" in the old Account and used the passive voice when referring to it suggests that you're relying on downloads to do your accounting for you and Vanguard sent the Remove but you don't have a new Account in Quicken to receive the "Adds." It does seem like you should have also received a download to move the cash from the old Account to the new Account. Perhaps there's a lag on Vanguard's end between moving the security and moving the cash.

    If you really want to keep the old Account "as is" instead of creating a new Account (either way, NO INFORMATION is lost), I'd suggest restoring a backup from just before your actions to "transition" and trying again. It really should work.

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    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for the suggestions. After trying several things, I seem to have solved it. Here's what I did:

    1. In the original Quicken account, I tried downloading transactions using both the old and new acct numbers. (I mentioned this in my original post.) Then I tried Reset Account, but that did nothing when I next updated.
    2. In the original Quicken account, I deactivated and then reactivated online services. That didn't work. I tried Validating my file and that didn't work.
    3. I then deactivated the original account again and created a new Quicken account using the new Brokerage acct number. That worked! My new register now shows the Added shares—the ones Removed in the original acct. It also shows the reinvestment of the dividend that had been paid into the original acct. The new acct now shows the correct Security Value and Cash Balance ($0.00). In the original acct I still had the Cash Balance, but I simply added a XOut transaction to zero-out the balance. So, the old acct shows $0 and the new acct shows the correct numbers. I'm assuming any new transactions in the new acct will be properly downloaded—at least I hope so.

    While I would have preferred keeping all old and new transactions in the same Quicken account, I'm fine with two Vanguard accounts. I will hide the original one, but it's good to have it there in case I want to refer back to it for some reason.

    Thanks again for your help.


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