Need to install Quicken Premier 2014 on new Windows 11 computer

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The version of quicken on my old windows 10 computer is R10( I would like to get that quicken installed on my new windows 11 computer and use the data file created by quicken on the windows 10 computer. The windows 10 computer has broken hinges and also cannot be updated to windows 11. What are my options for getting that same version of quicken up and running on my new windows 11 computer, without the web feature? I only use quicken to enter transactions, reconcile accounts, and produce reports to use when working on tax returns. I do not connect to banks, etc. through quicken. I do have the quicken cd that was originally installed on the old windows 10 computer, but that would not have the quicken patches that were later released and updated on the windows 10 computer.

Thanks for any help / suggestions to get quicken working on my windows 11 computer like it is working on my windows 10 computer.



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    One of the SuperUsers has posted the update patches for older versions (2000 and newer) of Quicken

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    See this thread, same things need to be done with 2014 as 2017 to install on different computer:

    -splasher using Q continuously since 1996
    - Subscription Quicken - Win11 and QW2013 - Win11
    -Questions? Check out the Quicken Windows FAQ list

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    Thank you! Since my premier quicken 2014 on the old computer showed version release R 10(, does that mean I would only need to apply the Release 10 mondo patch from the list of quicken 2014 patches, after installing the base premier quicken 2014 cd on the Windows 11 computer?

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    AFAIK, that is correct.

    Bypass registration (Quicken for Windows 2014 and older)

    If you get stuck on a Registration window, you can try the following to bypass registration:

    • Start or restart Quicken.
    • Do not start a One Step Update or any other download activity.
    • US version: Press and hold and keep holding both the left CTRL and Shift keys while you click Tools and then One Step Update.
    • Canadian version: Press and hold and keep holding both the left CTRL and Shift keys while you click Online and then One Step Update.
    • When the message “You will no longer be prompted for registration” appears, click OK.

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