Why do I have multiple email addresses for my Quicken life?

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I tried chat just now but it was going nowhere fast.

I have been a Quicken member for a long time. Today, I decided to downgrade my account.

I logged in with my usual icloud.com email address and conducted my business. However, the receipt came to an old outlook.com address.

I went through all the account settings at quicken.com and all they refer to is the icloud.com address.

As I mentioned, the chat agent was helpful in explaining they only had my icloud.com address listed. Thanks. Sigh.

So, anyone have any idea how to get this old billing address updated from my outlook to my icloud address? See attached.



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    This forum is mostly fellow Quicken users, plus a handful of Quicken moderators, so no one here has access to the Quicken systems involved with your email address. My only suggestions is to try Quicken Support again, perhaps by phone this time. As we all know, every company has some support representatives who are superstars and some who are barely competent, so trying again with another support representative might yield a better result. Sorry I have no wisdom beyond that on how to get this resolved. 😟

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