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Just curious to know and find out if it can be implemented.

Using Quicken for Windows, downloading bank transactions from Navy Federal Credit Union, no pending transactions are downloaded.

I experimented with Simplifi (didn't like the lack of a running balance column) and when downloading Navy Federal transactions, it does pull in pending transactions.

Same company, slightly different product, can anything be done to turn on pending downloads for Q for Windows?


  • Tom Young
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    As far as I know there's no ability on the user's end to toggle downloading of pending transactions on or off.

    Some credit cards seem to have been downloading pending transactions and I've seen lots of complaints about that.

    The downloading, or not, of pending transactions is in the hands of the aggregator and Quicken and I'd expect that it would apply to ALL users unless Quicken altered the Quicken product software itself to add that toggle.

    IF the issue for you is forward projection of cash in the bank Account then the bullet proof method for that is to manually make entries in the bank Account when you initiate transactions. This can be streamlined, somewhat, by use of income and expense Reminders that automatically get entered "X" number of days in advance.

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