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I am using Quicken Home & Business. I have both Home and Business accounts, and they are set up as separate files. I have a personal Capital One credit card, and another Capital One credit card for the business. Capital One allows me to use one login to view both accounts. So here's the problem: I authorize my business credit card to be downloaded in my Business Quicken file. And I authorize my home credit card to be downloaded in my Home Quicken file. Apparently, separate cards with a single login cannot exist together in the Quicken world — I can link to only one at a time. Every month, I have to update my online services in my Home Quicken account, then re-update my online services in my Business Quicken account. I've been doing this for years. I have just this morning discovered that occasionally, this process can leave out some of my transactions. No wonder my balances are off between the register and the online balance.

I'm tired of this. Is there a workaround to what I'm doing? It's possible to authorize both credit card accounts within a single Quicken file, but I really don't want to maintain a Business account within my Home file, and vice versa. Looking for any suggestions!! Thanks in advance.


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    Did you by chance create the second of your two data files by making a Windows copy of the first file and then rename it?

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