Bank download/Transaction errors

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I have been trying to resolve several problems with downloading accounts from several banks:i.e. Marcus, Synchrony, CIT, and Discover. This has existed for the past two months. I still have no resolution despite innumerable contacts with tech support and hours on the phone.


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    In the main you're speaking to other users like your self here, though there are a few Quicken-employee moderators too.

    If you're just expressing your frustration and nothing more, that's fine, as long as it doesn't turn into a diatribe/rant.

    If you're hoping to get some help, some other approach to the problems, then you're going to have to provide as much detail as you can - screenshots can be very useful here - and maybe some background on things that you've tried that hasn't worked.

  • fpetruccelli
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    I have tried to get help to no avail. The problems still exist. Each time I try to download the from the respective banks I receive an error message ( 924) I reported the problem, shared my screen with no fix. The matter was referred to higher level tech support.

    My only resolution is not to renew my subscription since the system is not working for me. Where does one go to get assistance. I have a log of 5 calls to tech support with several ticket #'s.

    Screenshots, problem reported on each occasion. If one takes the time to review the logs, the details are all there.

  • karen m
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    Hello @fpetruccelli I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in this. Apparently there was some system wide blow up though good luck getting them to admit it. So frustrating. Almost all my accounts quit downloading on July 19th. No error codes or anything just no new transactions. I also could not get any help but figured most of the issues out on my own. I just used the good old reset option under the account. It was a major pain as I have so many accounts and I still wasn't finished as of today going through them all. As I tried to fix the last of them, I am getting errors and crashes and it is not working. Apparently there is an ongoing issue still with some including Discover and Synchrony cards. Discover just says it can't connect and found out it has been an issue for months for some people. The synchrony cards are just not matching my login creds to the right account. I tried my sam's club card and it it showing my amazon card instead. Something to do with consolidating them under one login? If I find a solution to those I will let you know. Let me know if the reset works for any of you other accounts.

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