How to create an invoice from QMac HB&R (edit)

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Hello, community,

I have the Home, Business & Rental Property subscription, use personal and business accounts, and use Quicken for Mac because I do not have Windows on my personal computer.

I need to create an invoice for one of my customers, and I read that it is possible, but I do not find a way to do it; any guidance should be appreciated.


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    Even though you have a H&B subscription, the H&B features are available only for Windows as can be seen here: . You will not have access to these features running Quicken for Mac, which reverts to the Premier level when running under a H&B subscription.

    There may be workarounds for creating invoices under QMac Premier, but I'm not aware of them. Perhaps creating a transaction report for that customer, exporting it to Excel or Numbers, then massaging it to look like an invoice would work.

    Another option would be to run Windows on your Mac using a virtual machine app such as Crossover or Parallels Desktop. Then you could run the QWin actual H&B version. However, there would time and expense in doing that and migrating QMac files to QWin is, well, not very feasible.

    If you won't be running QWin in a virtual environment, you will probably want to contact Quicken Support to see about downgrading your H&B subscription to Premier since you are paying for the higher level for nothing.

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    I'd just add to what @RickO replied that the Quicken product management team has announced that they are developing a Home & Business version for Quicken Mac. We don't know whether it will be pretty identical to the Quicken Windows version or what it will include, and we don't know when they will release this new version. For for now, if you're paying for Home & Business subscription, and using only Quicken Mac, you're wasting the extra money on this higher -level subscription; you should contact Quicken Support to get them to downgrade your subscription to Premier until there is a Mac Home & Business version.

    By the way, over the years I did the books for a small business and for a non-profit association using Quicken Mac, and I needed to use a different program to generate invoices to send out. (I used the FileMaker Pro database because I was familiar with it and it used to be relatively inexpensive. Depending how many invoices you need to send, you could possibly just create an invoice template in Word or Pages, or possibly in a spreadsheet like Excel or Numbers, and copy-and-paste the description or amount between the invoice and Quicken.)

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