Reconciling credit card statement

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A credit card statement has not been reconciled in several years. I show a monthly transfer from my basic checking account, which is reconciled monthly, but have just left it at that. Now I would like to begin reconciling the monthly credit card statement again. Can I make an adjustment entry for 12/31/2022 and just skip forward from my last reconciliation, which was several years ago?

Thank you.


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    That's your decision, it's your finances, but it can certainly be done

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  • RalphC
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    After ignoring your account for years, I would highly recommend just trusting your bank/credit card company and accepting a balance adjustment to become current. Going forward, I would suggest you run a reconcile on your accounts upon receiving a monthly statement. I very rarely find a bank error or credit card charge that's erroneous, but it's happened in the past.

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