Quicken 2013 Message "Quicken has encountered a problem and needs to close" [Edited]

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Hi all,

I'm running 2013 Deluxe on Windows 11. I just finished a session entering transactions in Quicken and went to close the program and back up the data, by clicking the top right X. That's when it popped the message. "Quicken has encountered a problem and needs to close. You may lose the data you just entered."

Because I didn't change much today and have plenty of recent backups, both Quicken backup files and my nightly backups of the Quicken data itself, I let it go ahead and close. I then reopened it and found all my recent changes intact, as well has having no other obvious problems.

Has anyone else had this? Was it a one-time glitch or a sign of something else to come? Does anyone know what causes it?

Thanks, all.


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    No one can really tell you if this is a one-off crash or something that will happen again. Time will tell.

    The same goes for what caused it. Sometimes crashes are caused by known sequences, and sometimes by either very unusual sequences of using the program. And at other times can be something in the data file.

    For the last one, you might try running Validate and Repair and see if it finds anything.

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